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Marylebone Massage

Signature Massage
Be Soothed

The massage for those who would rather not be anxious about the strife in their life.

Despite our best efforts, most will agree that we all carry a degree of nervous (or pent-up) energy around with us. This is a space to be with that which makes you uneasy and to let it go, even if only momentarily.

This is a massage to help you be free of turmoil and to let the mind rest and recuperate.

Be Soothed is a full body massage with particular emphasis on clearing and nourishing the throat and third eye chakras.

Be Soothed is a story about walking in a garden, picking wild-flowers and watching butterflies flit about doing their work in harmony with, but oblivious to, the tides of nature all about.

Be Soothed is a slow paced, light intensity massage with a focus on the face, feet and hands.