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Marylebone Massage

Signature Massage
Be Loved

The massage for those in need of connection and unconditional love.

Life is fast and demanding and even with the love of friends, family and a committed partner it is not unusual to feel alienated and in need of love.

One of the most amazing things about massage is that it can be used as conduit to a connection to unconditional love. With no history, and no emotional baggage to contend with, the massage therapist and client can connect in a truly profound way that is not easily achievable else-wise.

Be Loved is a full body massage with particular emphasis on clearing and nourishing the sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras.

Be Loved is a story about being held by an angle, immersed in light from the inside out and of being bequeathed the gift of loving thyself.

Be Loved is a very slow paced massage performed at close quarters.