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Marylebone Massage

Signature Massage
Be Inspired

The massage for those in need of new ways of being and the strength to proceed with endeavours.

Everything familiar has the potential to become hum-drum and tedious. Even a life of constant adventure can become so familiar as to cease to be inspiring. Sometimes we need space to find perspective in order to allow ourselves to be inspired.

This is a massage to help you create that space so you may better appreciate and be inspired by what is in your life as well as what you could bring to it.

Be Inspired is a full body massage with particular emphasis on creating a grounded connection to the earth as well as nourishing the third eye and crown chakras.

Be Inspired is a story about growing as if a magical tree, rooted in place yet able to spread it's branches wherever it may choose.

Be Inspired is generally a moderately paced massage with some faster paced movements and flowing body work.